It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten any news about the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot. The last bit of news we got consisted of a photo of Chris Hemsworth happily puttering along on a motorbike playing his role as the receptionist, Kevin. I can only assume that it’s because Melissa McCarthyKristen WiigKate McKinnonLeslie Jones, and director Paul Feig have been hard at work creating what will hopefully be the most glorious movie of 2016. I’m not ashamed to admit, though, that the radio silence has been unsettling. Frankly, I’m offended that the moviemakers didn’t make it their personal mission to keep my updated on all things Ghostbusters. The Internet must have sensed by unrest, though, because we’ve been blessed with not one, but two new photos from the movie. What a Wednesday!

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We’ve already seen a photo of the spectacular cast in their official uniforms, but we’ve yet to see them in action. That’s all about to change in three, two, one…:

I have so many feelings right now, so excuse me while I process them for all of you. Has anyone ever looked so badass as Leslie Jones with a proton pack? Can all of my future family photos be taken in green-lit smoke? Do you think Chris Hemsworth is hiding in the background somewhere like he’s participating in the galaxy’s most attractive game of Where’s Waldo? And how do you think Kate McKinnon gets her hair to stay up like that? All of these questions and more will probably not be answered in the second official photo that was released just hours after the first:

Okay, so that second photo isn’t entirely new—Melissa McCarthy posted it to her Instagram several months ago, but there’s something about seeing it unfiltered and in full-focus that just makes it that much more exciting.

It’d be foolish to just remain blindly excited for this movie, because, as I’m sure we all know, remakes of cult classics can be more than a little bit of a crap shoot. That said, these photos suggest that this is going to be the badass lady-led film we all need. In fact, I’d even go so far as to call is required viewing for any human being with a soul.

…Too much? No? Good.

(Photo: Twitter/Leslie Jones)