Psych! Made you look. You thought this was going to be a photograph of GirlsAllison Williams making out with Seal the singer, but it’s actually a picture of Girls‘ Allison Williams getting kissed by a seal, as in, the adorable aquatic animal. So you can all calm down about what Heidi Klum will think, because I’m guessing she approves. (Please get back together before you ruin another Halloween, guys.)

Look how bashful the seal is being while kissing Allison Williams’ annoyingly perfect face. Maybe he is intimidated by her beauty, or maybe he’s still not sure how he feels about the more “problematic” elements of Girls. Maybe he’s not sure he wants to invite that kind of internet vitriol into his peaceful marine habitat, which would be understandable considering the insane amount of shit/hype that show has gotten and continues to get on a daily basis.

Allison, on the other hand, appears to have no such reservations. In fact, the face she is making would probably be right at home on the cover of Cosmo Girl, if you Photoshopped a fun polka dot dress onto her body. Look at those chompers!

But is it too good to be true? I plugged the Oceanographic Institute of New York into Google using the patented algorithm my friends and I invented after consuming special chocolates this past Saturday, and here is what came up:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 4.21.48 PM

A whole lot of nothing. But I’m going to continue to believe this photo is real until proven otherwise, because why would someone would go to all that trouble to fake this random photo of Allison Williams with a seal while the internet still has yet to fake any Allison Williams n00dz? They wouldn’t. That’s just the order of operations things follow ’round these parts.

UPDATE: And here comes the meme! I love the internet, you guys.

(Via Reddit)