Every time I look through my facebook or twitter news feed, I notice that people seem to have posted pictures of their food. I assume that’s because many of you have friends who are constantly begging you for updates on your latest adventure at Burger King. That’s why when we meet people we often begin conversations by saying “what did you eat most recently?” Posting a picture of a completely ordinary deli sandwich with a note next to it saying “yum!” is like saying “hello, I love you!”

Oh, wait, no it’s not. It’s a sandwich. I don’t care about your stupid deli sandwich unless you are on my doorstep offering me one, and it is delicious. No one cares about your stupid deli sandwich. In real life human interaction, it would never come up. However, since I cannot stop this baffling trend, I’ve created this illustrated guide to help you identify the less-than-completely-stupid times to post a picture of something you are about to eat (and the completely stupid times).[ITPGallery]