I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but Anderson Cooper has been getting silly lately. His fresh new attitude seems to be a byproduct, at least in part, of the freedom conferred to the usually serious news anchor by The RidicuList. Each week, the segment features him flexing his comedic muscles by calling out people in the news (or the people who hate on people in the news).

But yesterday, The RidicuList got the best of Cooper. In telling the story of Gerard Depardieu taking a piss in the middle of an airplane, Cooper came down with the giggles. The fit was brought on after he read the following line: “Some unlucky cleaning crew had to deal with the Golden Globe winning tinkle. All I can say is, they should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t Depar-two.”

Cooper starts cracking up immediately after saying “Depar-two,” noting that the word had been making him laugh every time he saw it. And lest you think we’re being condescending by calling what he did a “giggle,” go ahead and watch the video. If you’ve ever wondered what Anderson Cooper was like as a 6-year-old boy, you will soon have your answer.

Anyway, mid-laugh, Cooper also manages to speak the truth: “You always see this kind of thing on YouTube, and you don’t think it could actually happen to you.”

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