Oh, my gosh, please, let’s talk about it.


1) Is there any other movie we can be as remotely excited about? I mean, Taken 2, obviously, but other than that.

2) I hear this all takes place on one set. How does that work? What about the horses? How are the horses all inside a theater?

3) Is that done to indicate that all of life is theater if you live in 19th century Russia? I believe that!

4) Is it weird seeing Jude Law play Anna’s cuckolded husband? I always imagine Jude Law cheating on Sienna Miller. Seriously, in my mind, that is always happening right now. I see Jude Law and think “why is he cheating on that spunky seeming Sienna Miller? Factory Girl was a movie that I personally enjoyed.” I cannot stop thinking this. Ever.

5) Horses!? What about TRAINS!? How can there be trains in a theater? That doesn’t even make any sense!

6) Do you think Keira Knightley will make a better Anna than Vivien Leigh? If you could put yourself in a mindset where you love Vivien Leigh to a stupid extent for this question, that would probably be helpful. You can also look at this picture:

anna karenina

7) Why don’t people waltz anymore? That is sad.