anne hathaway fifty shades of grey

We were not the only one’s taken aback by Anne Hathaway’s extremely unusual, seemingly bondage inspired outfit last night at the NYC premiere of Les Miserables. But then we figured, well, Fifty Shades Of Grey has made that stuff pretty hot. Our friends at Crushable noted that:

Anne definitely made it clear that she wanted to stand out. Why else wear heels that buckles up your leg so high that they can be mistaken as an impromptu audition for the role of Anastasia Steele?

First of all, I thought you were supposed to wear that stupid purple dress that they talk about endlessly in the book if you’re auditioning to play Anastasia Steele (God, I hate that book). And bite your lip. Forever. Until it is just a bloody gash where a lip ought to be.

However, it looks like Anne Hathaway is actually in the running for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie – and some people think she’ll do it well – like the commenters here. Their basis seems largely to be the notion that she looks sweet and innocent, though, so that’s… different. That’s a different side of herself she’s showing with this outfit.

But she is able to play princesses for teenage girls and play Catwoman, so I’m actually thinking that Anne Hathaway wouldn’t be a terrible choice. The only downside is that, since she is my favorite actress, I’d feel obligated to go see the movie, and… oh, hell, I’m going to go see it anyway. Because Ian Somerholder is dreamy. That’s all.

Picture via Darla Khazei,