Anne Hathaway

There are lots of films that have special places in our hearts despite them being released years ago. They’re the movies that we often quote in everyday conversations and the ones we love to create memes with. Mean Girls, Back to the Future and all of the Harry Potter films definitely fall into this category. The Princess Diaries is another one that is just as good today as it was when it was released. The film recently celebrated its 15(!) anniversary, and Mia Thermopolis herself, aka Anne Hathaway, posted the perfect tribute to the film on Instagram.

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Anne uploaded a video of Mia dancing and saying her favorite line. She also wrote a heartfelt tribute to Garry Marshall, the late director of the film who sadly passed away last month:

Could she have chosen a more perfect clip? Doubt it. The only way this could be any better is if Mia, Louie, Lily, Joe, Michael and Queen Clarisse all got together again for a reunion in Genovia, or at least, someone fancy with castles. Fingers crossed. When princesses are involved, things like this can happen.

While we’re waiting for the reunion to happen, we’ll be re-watching The Princess Diaries and practicing how we can say “shut up” as good as Mia.