Although fashion is constantly changing, there are a few things that will always remain the same: Anna Wintour is never going to lose her signature haircut, Crocs will always be heinous, and every week there will be a new story reporting that Kate Moss is recording an album. Kate, whose love of dating musicians is well-documented, has sung in public before. She has joined former boyfriend Pete Doherty and current partner Jamie Hince up on stage, and it seems like every time she gets within twenty feet of a microphone there’s a new breaking news headline that Kate is making a record. This week’s version comes from the Daily Mail, which also claims that Simon Cowell wants Kate to be a guest mentor on the new US edition of X Factor.

Do I think Kate Moss might want to make an album? Sure. Do I think it’ll actually happen? Maybe. But either way, I’m really tired of reading the same article every few weeks. When she actually has a single, we’ll talk.