This morning my friend Sam and I ordered breakfast that we had every intention of eating in bed. It’s Sunday this is what people do: eat breakfast in bed.

The two of us had a late night and since my apartment is a pants-free environment, we were waltzing around in our underwear like NORMAL people. However, when the buzzer rang, Sam bolted to get shorts so as to disguise our pants-free lifestyle. Personally, I never do this. If I’m in my underwear, I answer the door that way. Granted, I will step to the side so the delivery person can’t see the free for all that’s happening in my world, but still — I’m not going to put on pants, a skirt or even shorts for hot minute when it goes against my pants-free existence.

I told Sam this. I felt she needed to know how things roll in these parts, but by then it was too late, her shorts were on and she was handing over cash for our breakfast sandwiches. Do you put on pants when you answer the door for a delivery? Am I just being extra weird… again?

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Photo: Columbia Pictures