Have you heard this hip, new urban trend called “raising chickens”? It’s grand. You see, while the breakfast food known as “eggs” was once an amalgam of chemicals and yellow food coloring concocted by McDonald’s, cutting edge food scientist Michael Pollan recently discovered that you can also get “eggs” from an animal called a “chicken,” and now all the foodies are “flocking” to the nearest lifestyle brand to buy these neat and feathery things, which are 100% biodegradable once you are done with them.

While backyard chickens have been a thing for a while now, I was still kind of shocked when a friend tipped me off to the fact that manic pixie dream girl emporium Anthropologie was branching out into farm supplies with a super adorable “sand” colored chicken coop made of reclaimed wood. I guess it’s no longer enough to simply grow a beard and have some nebulously old timey farm stuff lying around the house; you need to accessorize with live farm animals as well. The dream of the 1890s lives on.

Unfortunately, a few jealous haters claiming to have chicken experience have chimed in to say that this attractive cypress and redwood playhouse is not actually good for chickens to live in (NSFC):

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.00.59 PM

One wiseass even chimed in that his or her “modern chickens” were unexpectedly resistant to this trend towards mindless folksiness:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.04.30 PM

It is, however, nice to know that hater #1 has a “bohemian—layered and quirky” look:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.02.50 PM

It also bears noting that this $3,000 poop container was recently marked down to $699.95, so it’s obviously selling really well.

Coming soon: an absolutely precious killing cone made of uber-old historical steel, because chickens lay eggs for two years but can live up to ten.

For a thorough and well-reasoned critique of the “urban rustic” aesthetic, check out my friend Jordan Somers‘ article, Cracker Barrel For The Creative Classes.

Photo: Anthropologie