When discussing how important it is that all women have the right to choose, I often wish I had a graphic way to show just how fucking horrible it is for a woman to be forced to carry a fetus to term and give birth against her will. Thankfully, Republican candidate for New Jersey State Senate Kenneth Del Vecchio has made one for us with his ironically named production company, “Justice For All.”

In the beginning of The Life Zone, three young women who were about to have early-term abortions wake up to find they’ve been drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned in a room somewhere. An insane “jailer” (played by Robert Loggia…seriously, dude?) and Jesus-y doctor lady tell them that they were about to commit murder, but not anymore. They will be held captive for seven months, until they all give birth “simultaneously” (?!) and then they will be free to go. But judging from the criminal things that have been done to them already, the “being let go” part seems a little uncertain.

According to this spoiler-filled review, the big crazy twist is that they all died at the abortionist and they’re actually in purgatory (nevermind the fact that less than .3% of abortions end in complications requiring hospitalization), and the women who decide they’re cool with being kidnapped and forced to have babies against their will get to ascend to heaven. Meanwhile, the evil feminist who never stops plotting her escape and says kerazy feminist things like “I have the right to choose” is doomed to have babies forever, in hell.

This movie looks like it might seriously traumatize me, but I’m sort of glad it got made. You see, normally “pro-life” people try to pretend they love the women in question and they’re just trying to help them realize what’s best for them. This film reveals the underlying brutality involved in treating a grown woman’s body as a mere baby incubator whose mental, physical, and emotional needs are subordinate to those of the small clump of cells attached to her uterine wall. There’s no way around it: forced birth is assault. The sooner more people recognize this fact, the better.

(Via Shakesville)