safety pin sex

Having watched one too many of those movies where toys come to life whenever people are not around, I spent years secretly convinced my toys had full, secret lives when I couldn’t see them. No matter how often I said, “Well, I’m off to school!” and then burst back into the room, I never managed to catch them.

Somehow I’ve never grown past the idea that my possessions are having fun without me, but the new photos series by Hangzhou artist Jun Chen makes me want to spray my entire desk with Purell, because now I’m convinced my office supplies are fucking each other when I’m gone.

Shanghaiist writes:

Hangzhou-based photographer Chen Jun’s ‘brooch’ series is currently going viral on the Chinese web. Chen uses safety pins instead of models, allowing him to pose a series of surprisingly emotive photos, and several that would be unsafe for work if they weren’t, you know, safety pins.

Jun Chen, who goes by the name Jun.C,  photographed a series of gently bent safety pins to make them look alive, and the result is a bewilderingly emotive series of office supply erotica.

The idea of safety pins fucking is pretty odd, but what is perhaps most surprising is how romantic it all seems. They feel amazingly human, even though they’re just safety pins. Several Internet commenters said the series moved them to tears as they watched the safety pins meet, fall in love, have a lot of tender, loving sex, and then raise a little safety pin baby.

Via Shanghaiist/Images: Jun.C[ITPGallery]