A TV show based off the iconic movie Goodfellas is now being optioned.  Mobster stories have been popular forever, and the high ratings of HBO’s newest series Boardwalk Empire support the idea that the public is looking for another crime drama to obsess about.  Reports say that the only person from the original movie who will definitely be involved with the show is Nicholas Pileggi, the author of the book Wise Guy, which Goodfellas was based off of.  Pileggi will definitely at least write the pilot episode.   As a wannabe Carmela Soprano (one day!) and a huge fan of both Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and (no point in hiding it) Growing Up Gotti, I love anything mafia related and think that, done right, this series could be a huge success.  I would love to see HBO or another high quality network pick up the show.

What do you think?  Would you watch a Goodfellas TV show?

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