Our old friends the ASA released their annual report on, well, advertising standards recently. The bizarrely compelling document includes a timeline of the agency itself along with significant developments in the field. Most interesting of all are the surprising ads that make the list for “most complained about.”

Amazingly, it was not Sophie Dahl‘s famed, controversial (and, in our opinion, pretty great) ad for Yves Saint Laurent‘s Opium (above, though we’ve helpfully sanitized it for you). In fact, Dahl’s campaign only turned up 948 complaints.

Besting that is the Christian Party’s ‘There definitely is a God’ ad, which became the most complained about non-broadcast ad, attracting 1,204 complaints:

Crass, sure, but…

The winner  of the most complaints was actually this deeply innocuous KFC commercial, in which “call centre workers” sing about the chain’s new wares with their mouths full:


The report says the commercial attracted 1,671 complaints… “the most ever.” It was even banned.

Are you scarred?

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