There is just something totally disturbing about a teeny bopper actress carrying a $1,400 classic Chanel handbag with a nasty grungy outfit that includes dirty combat boots and a early ’90’s black and white flannel.  Can we pleeeease show a little bit more respect for Coco???

Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame stepped out of a black Porsche in Studio City carrying a gorgeous Chanel chain bag.  Doesn’t it just seem like these young stars are throwing their money away too quickly???  I mean, what is this girl really going to do after High School Musical stops making sequels??

I’m totally being a young Hollywood hater here, but if you want to carry a Chanel bag I would like you to at least put on a classy outfit to go with it.  Why buy Chanel if you don’t care about fashion??

And those boots are just disgusting…I can’t really tell you what type of purse to carry with those.  Maybe just a plastic shopping bag would do.

Image: Fame Pictures