Aubrey Plaza angrily eats flowers for Father John Misty

Aubrey Plaza is best known for her monotone, deadpan delivery of lines on “Parks and Recreation.” But now, as if little hipster boys from Silver Lake to Williamsburg weren’t already messing their skinny jeans out of love for her, she’s now starred in a music video for Father John Misty, in which she plays the type of manic pixie dream girl who changes men’s lives not because she’s so carefree, but because she’s such a hot mess (a lively, chaotic, inspiring mess!).

In the video, we are given to believe that Plaza is feeling overwhelmed by emotion about something. The way she deals with that emotion, we soon learn, is by alternately numbing herself (we know this because she smears blood across her face with a hard, deadened look in her eyes) and acting out (eating flowers aggressively, dancing with a lamp, and finally, smashing a record player in the middle of a party!). She even expresses herself via the awkward-girl-jumping dance, first popularized in the early aughts by Natalie Portman.

I’ve been fairly ambivalent about Plaza for most of the part of my life in which I’ve known who she is, but her character here is essentially the dark version of Zooey Deschanel, and I will just come right out and say that I find that very irritating. How about you?

[youtube_iframe id=”3tHJB9Po_Hc”]