Besides mostly terrible fashion, an MTV awards show wouldn’t be complete without some ridiculous situation between two or more stars onstage (and also alien mutants). This year, it would appear that Aubrey Plaza took a page out of Kanye West‘s book last night at the MTV Movie Awards last night. While Will Ferrell was accepting his Comedic Genius award, Plaza, wearing a plug for her new comedy “The To-Do List” on her chest, ran up and attempted to pull the award away from him. Ferrell asked, “What’s happening” and “are you okay?” but Plaza just silently yanked until finally giving up and stepping back down to her seat as Ferrell joked, “Aubrey Plaza, everyone. Just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money.”

Though Plaza wasn’t able to achieve her (very bizarre) goal, she did seem to be genuinely trying in that seemingly drunken, underperforming way we all try to “get ahead for tomorrow” when we realize that it’s a Tuesday night. According to Ferrell, Plaza had “a lot of hot liquor breath.”

While many media outlets (including me, above) have related the story to Kanye West’s from the VMAs in 2009, I feel like it’s a bit different in some vital ways. First off, Kanye was likely sober and therefore in an almost decent mindset when he crashed Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech, making his decision to do so worse (though his breath was probably better). Also, Plaza likely doesn’t have half the ego Kanye does, as nobody in the world could possibly possess a similar one besides a certain alliterative-named woman he has impregnated. But still: the situations were both extremely awkward to watch, as neither were apparently scripted, and both made everyone in the audience as confused as they could be at the world’s most predictable style of entertainment.

Weirdly enough, though Kanye’s strange little stage crash made me feel more negatively toward him, Plaza’s just kind of made me like her a little more. It was a weird prank, antic, act…whatever you want to call it. But it was still kind of great to see an indifferent 28-year-old in a lovely dress attempt to jack an award from a man wearing a suit covered in dollar bills, whereas watching a guy in his 30s snatch the mic from a teenager was less entertaining, more sad.

Photo: Getty Images