Tired of beer commercials that un-ironically spout sexist stereotypes about manliness, big breasted women, and the prospective buyer’s big, thirsty, dude-penis? The people who made this beer commercial believe that you are.

In a gentle satire of the usual beer ad idiocy, the above ad shows the Hahn beer going through various absurd, masculinity-building processes before it’s ready for consumption. These are not limited to, but including: boob-shaped grain silos, buff vikings with mallets, kung fu movies, monster trucks, sick drum solos, sports trophies, and an Elvis jacket. For added mojo, the Knight Rider theme song plays all the while. Bitchin’!

For this hilarious ad, the Publicis Mojo Sydney Agency was awarded a Cannes Golden Lion this past weekend, as well as the respect of women and non-douchey men the world over. And as it turns out, director Tom Kuntz is no stranger to deconstructing macho bullshit, either; he won an Emmy Award last year for his work on Old Spice’s much celebrated ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign. Keep it up, dude!

(Via Buzzfeed)