Oh man, this shit makes me so sad. Axl Rose, the love of my adolescent life, seems to be descending into the world of lawsuits and angry allegations instead of reinvention and overcoming the mediocrity that was Chinese Democracy in order to bring us something along the lines of Axl: The Grown-Ass Man: The Album. I’d buy the shit out of that.

Anyway, Salon reports that Axl is suing his on-again off-again manager, music industry giant Irving Azoff, a countersuit after Front Line Management sued him for not delivering some fees to the tune of $1.9 million.

Man. First Brett Michaels, and now this. It’s not like one couldn’t see this coming – music fueled primarily by cocaine and hairspray was bound to have a shelf life, as were it’s creators. But hey — plenty of 1960’s musicians have successfully reinvented themselves following the drug orgy that was their peak decade, and the optimist in me will never lose hope that Velvet Undergournd isn’t the beginning and the end of the Traveling Wilburys of the ’80’s.