Or probably anyone you know. I can’t believe I have never thought of this:

axl rose halloween

This is a Halloween tree and it is beautiful. Look at how beautiful it is. No. Take a moment. Look again.

Goddamn beautiful. Covered with candy, like the trees in all your childhood dreams.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live the Guns ‘n Roses singer explained:

“It’s one of the most evil things I’ve ever done,” he told Kimmel. “We have these Halloween parties, and I decided, let’s have a Halloween tree. So we did the tree and put out presents, families come with their little kids, and the little kids stand there and I go ‘Oh, you don’t have a Halloween tree?’ and they go ‘Nooooo,’ and I’d give them a present. And then their parents would call me for about three months, ‘You son of a…'”

Clearly they did not feel welcome in the candy jungle (despite the numerous fun and games and wrapped gifts!). But I would. God. A Halloween tree would change Halloween entire from an event where I had to awkwardly be really creative about a costume, to a time exactly like Christmas but with more candy. Axl Rose, please let us come to your next Halloween party. I will make an effort not to steal the tree.

Picture via Buzzfeed