Beyonce with baby Blue Ivy Carter on a yacht

When Beyonce–the most famous, talented, beloved and possibly immortal? woman in the world–gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter, we all braced ourselves for the coming messiah (sorry, but takesies backsies, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt). Blue Ivy will sure to be worshipped and adored in much the same way her mother is; after all, she already has a solid gold rocking horse.

…Which is why we wait for every Blue Ivy photo with baited breath (and subsequently write blog posts about babies we don’t know and will never meet).

Beyonce apparently had some down time over the holidays and decided to do a little blogging (and last minute Christmas shopping a Bergdorf’s, doye), producing the above photo of baby’s first* yacht trip and also the below photo of Baby’s Foot:

Blue Ivy Carter

She also posted a photo of a holiday bundt cake, so there you have it.

What do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z got Blue Ivy for Christmas? A pre-distressed $8,000 Balmain rattle? Fabergé bald eagle egg? A preserved mammoth? Serfs?!

As an interesting sidenote, did you know you can’t say anything bad about Beyonce on the internet, lest you be inundated with rage unseen outside the Twitter attacks of Team Breezy? Every day you learn really valuable stuff in blogging.

*Almost certainly not the case

(Photos from Beyonce’s Tumblr)