The last badass of the week that we brought you was a Russian diver who braved arctic waters naked to swim with beluga whales.

Our new badass frankly isn’t quite that badass (is anyone?), but she’s still hilariously rad, in her own way. Her name is Wendi Deng, and she’s Rupert Murdoch’s third and current wife. She proved her badassery during a press conference today, when a random hater tried to shove a pie into her 80-year-old husband’s face in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal involving one of his newspapers, News of the World. As you can see in the video, Deng takes down the pie-thrower swiftly. But what you might not catch until the slow-mo, which comes on after the initial replay, is that she doesn’t just tackle him — she slaps him in the head as he’s on his way down.

All while wearing a skirt suit.

Fucking badass.