Readers, you and I have shared many a hearty laugh at Gwyneth Paltrow’s expense over the actress’ ridiculous newsletter, GOOP, which provides lifestyle advice for the rich and famous yet masquerades as being for the everyday mom. Recently, Paltrow also set up a Twitter account which was not quite as offensive but was equally silly.

But now, thanks to an interview by our buddies over at Styleite, it looks like Mrs. Coldplay might have some competition in the pretentious tweets department.

When Amanda Brooks, the fashion director for Barneys, was asked by Styleite what she uses Twitter for, she provided the following answer:

I do tweet on the weekends about what I’m doing at my country house and swimming in the sea in November…I might take a tweet of the place setting that I did for lunch that day, or a beautiful view or just something that’s inspiring.

First of all, the phrase “take a tweet” is jut pure genius. I’m going to start using that and I think you should too.

But second of all, of course. What is Twitter for, really, if not sharing decorative lunchtime place settings or what you’re doing this gentle, breezy fall at your country house that you have?

It’s for nothing, that’s what. Brooks and Paltrow definitely need to team up.