Do you want complete control over the color of Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair and whether or not he’s wearing sexy eyeliner? Of course you do. Everyone does. And now everyone can have that power, with the help of an active imagination and the Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book.

From the way my Facebook feed is still blowing up with people kvetching about the last episode of Sherlock Holmes, this unofficial coloring book project from I Love Mel is going to sell approximately a kabillion copies. I Love Mel also made Ryan Gosling, Cara Delevingne, and Kate Moss coloring books, but none of those people have the crazed shopping power of the Cumberbitches.

And because it’s a coloring book for grown-ups, the tome is full of charming line drawings with clever text and fun exercises, like instructions to draw yourself photobombing Benedict Cumberbatch the way he photobombed U2. Or to pit him against cats for the title of “cutest thing on the Internet.”


This is particularly great for those of us who long to create brilliant fan art but lack drawing skills themselves. (We can’t be the only ones, right?)

The book comes out Friday, March 21, and we can think of 100 friends off the top of our heads who need to own this. We’ll probably get a copy for ourselves, too. The world needs more pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch with cool blue hair and some sparkly eye makeup, and we intend to supply it.

(Photos: Facebook/I Love Mel)