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Happy first day of December! Even though I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a solid two weeks now, I want to acknowledge today as the official start of the holiday season. And now that the happiest season of all has begun, it’s time for us to start the age-old tradition of calling in sick to work and binge-watching holiday movies.

If you’re thinking, well, I usually just watch one or two Christmas movies every year, so I guess I’d better not bail on work, I’d like to remind you that Christmas is the season of miracles and hope, and it’s definitely not the season of giving up on your dreams. Because my fellow Gloss editors and I are here to make miracles happen for you, we compiled this list of our favorite holiday movies to obsess over in December. Pull out that red and green Snuggie and pour yourself a glass of spiked eggnog, because you’ve got some serious binge-watching to do.

Jill’s pick: A Christmas Story

“My favorite holiday movie is a Christmas Story. I actually didn’t grow up watching it, and only actually saw it all the way through in the last few years, but every time it’s on (even the marathon on Christmas Day), I watch it. It gives me a weird mix of the nostalgia of being home from college, enjoying Christmas as an adult, and reminiscing about Christmas as a kid. It’s a good mix of both worlds.”

Liz’s picks: The Nightmare Before Christmas and White Christmas

“I mainly just watch The Nightmare Before Christmas from October through January. I just love it so much. I have as much fun belting, ‘I am the pumpkin king!’ now as I did when it first came out. I also remember loving White Christmas when I was small. My best friend and I used to sing the ‘Sisters’ song over and over, even though we’d usually get into a bit of a shoving match over who got to sing the ‘When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome …’ line and who had to sing, ‘She wore the dress, and I stayed home!'”

Sara’s picks: Home Alone and the Rugrats Chanukah special

“My two favorite holiday movies are Home Alone (for obvious reasons) and (even though I know it’s not technically a movie) the Rugrats Chanukah special, because I literally don’t know of any other Christmas movies and Rugrats was a great show.”

Heather’s picks: Christmas Vacation, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and Elf
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Heather also picked Home Alone (and its sequel, Home Alone 2), but the other holiday movie she says she watches “every year without fail” is Christmas Vacation: “It doesn’t matter that I could recite it from start to finish from memory, I still love it. Sad movies aren’t really my thing so Christmas Vacation is perfect for getting me into the holiday spirit. And I still do laugh out loud at it. I also try to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (the cartoon and the Jim Carey version) and Elf.”

My picks: Love Actually and While You Were Sleeping

“I know that people are going to drag me for this, but I don’t even care: I love Love Actually. Yes, I’ve read all of the think pieces about why it’s the worst, but guess what, haters? Hugh Grant is sexy, and my Christmas season is not complete unless I get to watch him make out with Martine McCutcheon and sing ‘Good King Wenceslas‘. And as for While You Were Sleeping, well, if you’re ever in the mood for a feel-good ’90s movie set during the Christmas holidays, this is the one for you. It’s way too cute.”

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