Mean Girls1

Red lipstick, black eyeliner and little black dresses are timeless items that we will always be obsessed with. Another thing you can include on that list is Mean Girls. As soon as the movie was released, you knew it was going to be a classic. It had Regina George, Mathletes, the Burn Book, the dreamy Aaron Samuels, and Glen Coco. What wasn’t there to love? It was so good that October 3rd was even dubbed Mean Girls‘ Day. Although, we still celebrate the film every Wednesday by wearing pink.

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If you want to take your Mean Girls game to the next level for the official day, check out 11 pieces that are so fetch:

1. ASOS Curve Plastics Mean Girls Print Sleep Tee ($33, ASOS)

ASOS Mean Girls Sleep Tee

You can look as stylish going to sleep as you do during the day thanks to this sleep tee. Don’t forget your pink slippers.

2. Mean Girls “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” Damian Pin ($6.50, Etsy)

Mean Girls

Dress up your jacket with this hilarious pin. If you want to wear sunglasses and a blue hoodie then accessorize with the pin, go for it.

3. Mean Girls Burn-Book Inspired Bow ($9.99, Etsy)

Mean Girls Bow

It doesn’t matter whether you have an actual Burn Book or not. The more important thing you should be focused on is getting this cute hair bow. It will look sweet pinned to a topknot or clipped to the side of your head.

4. “You’re A Cool Mom” Candle ($12.50, Etsy)

Mean Girls Candle

The holiday isn’t just about you. If you want to get your mom something, this candle is it. After all, she’s not like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

5. “Boo, You Whore” Mug ($13.19, Etsy)

Mean Girls Mug

There isn’t a person out there who will hate this mug. It will please coffee drinkers, Halloween lovers, tea addicts and Mean Girls fans. That pretty much covers everyone.

6. “Get In, Loser” Doormat ($38, Etsy)

Mean Girls Doormat

This has to be one of the most clever uses of the classic Mean Girls line. It might not be the most welcoming message, but it works.

7. Mean Girls Slogans 3-Pack Cheekie Underwear ($23, ASOS)

ASOS Mean Girls Underwear

You’ve seen the memes, but have you seen the underwear? You can get undies with your favorite Mean Girls quotes on them. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the panties come in pink.

8. “You Go Glen Coco” Muscle Tank ($18.99, Etsy)

Mean Girls Tank

It isn’t pink, but this tank top is still the coolest. Pair it with a flippy skirt and a cardigan for the proper Plastics look.

9. “You’re Like Really Pretty” Makeup Bag or Pencil Case ($20, Etsy)

Mean Girls Makeup Bag

Everyone needs to have a cute makeup bag. This one is perfect for keeping all of your eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes safe. If you want to get another one to hold your pencils and pencils, that is totally understandable.

10. “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Beanie ($9.22, Etsy)

Mean Girls Beanie

It’s getting colder outside so you’re going to need a hat to stay warm. This one will keep your ears protected and it ensures you will always be ready for Pink Wednesdays.

11. Burn Book Mean Girls Phone Case ($3.91, Amazon)

Mean Girls Burn Bok Phone Case

You don’t need to have a paper Burn Book. Your phone will work just as well. Just remember what everyone learned about writing mean things down though, okay?