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We’re a week into the Sochi Olympics, and the beautiful thing about Olympics in the social media age is that we have unprecedented access to the athletes that we all obsess over for two weeks every four years. Instead of simply watching manufactured interviews and montages, we can follow their every tweet, Instagram, and selfie. We found our favorite selfies from Week One. It turns out that America won the selfie game (unsurprisingly). USA NUMBER ONE!

1. Shaun White, Snowboarding, USA

This isn’t technically a selfie, but seriously. White in the Ralph Lauren uniforms is too good to pass up.

2. Julia Mancuso, Alpine Skiing, USA

Mancuso is undertandably pysched on her bronze medal.

3. Hannah Teter, Snowboarding, USA

Teter gives us a look at the course.

4. Lolo Jones, Bobsled, USA

Jones shows the ice she’ll have to run on. Living in the midst of the polar vortex, I also have to run on ice when going to buy ice cream. I am basically an Olympian.

5. Kelly Clark, Snowboarding, USA

Okay this awesome.

6. Hilary Knight, Hockey, USA

Knight and the hockey team take a ride.

7. Jordan, Speedskating, USA

So do they all just bike around everywhere?

8. Dominique Maltais, Snowboarding, Canada

Nothing beats a thumbs up.

9. Jenna Blasman, Snowboarders, Canada

Blasman found some speedskaters.

10. Charles Hamelin, Speed Skating, Canada

Look at all those happy Canadians.

Photos: Instagram