downton abbey

So, I went home over the holidays, and my grandmother and mother and I spent much of the vacation around the TV while watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey while eating various chocolate products (mostly, we just stuff one another’s stockings with the entire contents of Vosges.).

It was fantastic.

Downton Abbey turns out to be everything I want in a TV show – insofar as it allows me to pretend that I could live in a past filled with beautiful dresses in a manor house where all the servants loved me because I was fundamentally virtuous – but I have finished it now. I finished all the episodes. In a week. Probably no other show is as good. All the other shows are dumb.

The only good thing about this is that Downton Abbey is going to start again on PBS this Sunday (I wish I could type 100 exclamation points!!!!!!!) but I will only get to watch one episode a week. There are still going to be a lot of days.

6 of them.

There will be six other days.

And Mad Men will not be back until summer, and Game of Thrones comes back on in March. So there is a while there. And apparently those are the only other shows I watch.

Oh. I also watch The Hour.

And reruns of The Nanny, but largely for the Cici-Niles dynamic, so, you know, for sophisticated reasons.

Okay, so, those shoes. Those are the shows I watch.

I know no show is going to be as good as Downton Abbey, but is there anything else that I should watch in its entirety? Can you give me some recommendations? I bet my favorites have tipped you off to the fact that I love pretty much anything historical with costumes.

Your turn, please be helpful.

Picture via Downton Abbey