LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 26: Singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z perform onstage during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Last night, my roommate, my boyfriend and myself sat in our small apartment watching the 2014 Grammy Awards. Since we were liveblogging the red carpet, I watched approximately two hours of pre-show red carpet footage, so by the time the actual performances began, I was already a little Grammy’d out and the two of them were sick of my grumpiness. And then the lights came on, a silhouette appeared, and we all simultaneously went, “Oh my god, that has to be Beyonce.”

For those of you who didn’t watch, here’s a quick rundown of Beyonce performing “Drunk In Love”:

…Yep! That about sums it up. Jay Z and Beyonce made the rest of us blush a little bit as they moderately grinded onstage as Bey wore a strappy thong leotard.

Apparently, their performance was too risque for some people, and Twitter, among other social media platforms, was flooded with pissed off parents and slut-shaming assholes:









…What the what? A few thoughts:

– Nobody knows exactly when your kids go to bed. No, really, this is not something the rest of the world is kept up-to-date on.
– Shockingly, you have the power to change the channel. Those buttons on that little clicky bar? Yeah, those do things. Given that you were watching enough to criticize, you presumably also had the remote nearby.
– If you think that it’s okay for Beyonce’s performance to start an hour later, then you’re acknowledging that the Grammy Awards may contain this type of content, and thereby shouldn’t be watching if that isn’t something you want to see.

For the record, the 2014 Grammys also saw P!nk doing aerial dance in a thong leotard;  Pharrell singing about “getting lucky”; Jamie Foxx awkwardly apologizing to Jay Z for all but catcalling Beyonce while onstage; Katy Perry‘s dancers becoming some creepy mechanical horse thing, then disassembling; the red carpet revealing lots of boobs, as it always does.

This tweet from @TheAngryFangirl pretty much sums up my thoughts:

Additionally, with regard to the Miley Cyrus criticism comparison, I think half the people who were actually angry about Miley’s VMAs performance last year were not pissed off about the sexual aspect of it so much as the objectification of other human beings around her. Beyonce and Jay Z were the only two in this one.

I get it: it’s frustrating that awards shows can be so raunchy if that’s not something you want to see, nor have your kids see, but awards shows–especially the music ones–are known for having performances that aren’t exactly mild. I’m more angry about people like Chris Brown being able to perform after beating the shit out of Rihanna, and other such absurdities. So, calling Beyonce a slut and declaring she somehow has no self respect because she danced around with her husband onstage in the same manner she’s been dancing for like a decade? Eh, go to bed. Go to work. Get off my Internets.