Blue Ivy Carter hasn’t been on earth for a week and she’s already spawned a few insane stories–that parents Beyonce and Jay-Z picked up $1.5 million in baby gifts including a solid gold rocking horse or that her high-maintenance parents obstructed other parents from seeing their newborns. This one, though, is by far the craziest. …And possibly the fakest.

According to TMZ, someone vandalized the Jesus marquee (is there another name for that?) at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, North Carolina yesterday with the message, “Beyonce Had Her Baby / Satan Is On Earth.” Since we can only expect this kind of fuckery from those Westboro Baptist idiots, the pastor at Beulah confirmed it was vandalism. Everyone could have moved on.

The plot thickened when Rev. Curtis Barbery gave a separate interview to the Fayetteville Observer in which he claimed it was all Photoshop magic, saying: “It’s never been on our sign because our sign stays locked and the same phrase has been on it since Thanksgiving. Only one man has the key to it.”

TMZ, however, stands by their story, adding “but we assure you 100%, the pastor made the claims in question.”

Whether the image is a fake or Barbery’s backtracking to avoid bad press, I think we can all agree that Illuminati are involved. It just makes sense.

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