Lorde and Charlotte Free

Lorde and Charlotte Free

Not only does Beyoncé‘s feminist essay for The Shriver Report kick ass on its own, but now it’s inspiring even more fascinating online discussion about the gravity of gender inequality.

Charlotte Free— the very same model who once defended Terry Richardson to the point of calling his victims “stupid bitches”— took to Tumblr to respond to the positive press surrounding Beyoncé this week:

whats up with feminism suddenly being this seasons hottest accessory??? first, feminism has always been cool, regardless of being ‘in style’ or not. second, i really hope it doesn’t turn out like other trends and go ‘out of style’ or something stupid like that … feminism is not an accessory or a phase u can grow out of dont get me wrong, im way stoked that more people are admitting to be, or becoming feminists but i wish it didnt take it being ‘trendy’ to get where we are now

Free absolutely has her faults (victim blaming isn’t something we take lightly or forgive easily), but I’m on board with what she’s saying here. It’s awesome to see powerful celebrity figures addressing important issues, but I really hope feminism isn’t this year’s “going green.” We need to permanently change our culture– not adopt the cause célèbre du jour until we all forget about it and move on.

Thankfully, one of our all-time favorite badasses, Lorde, wrote a response on her own Tumblr:

maybe feminism feeling like it’s in style comes as a result of increased awareness… which i think is a good thing regardless of whether or not it feels ‘trendy’ (which you’re right is rl weird). i definitely don’t think feminism is going to ~go out~ or anything, i feel like we’re past that now x

I hope she’s right. She usually is.

Personally, I’m really pumped that celebrities are feeling safe enough to voice their unpopular opinions about gender inequality so often that it feels like a trend. Maybe the next few years will be full of famous women daring to label themselves with the F word?

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