Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, has just entered the world and already rumors about her outlandish lifestyle are spreading. The Post is claiming that Blue Ivy possesses something to the tune of $1.5 million in lavish gifts, including:

1. “[A] solid-gold, handmade horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka that Jay-Z bought for $600,000.”

2. “[A] coach-like crib from PoshTots, for which her her parents paid nearly $20,000.”

3. ” [A] $15,000 highchair dripping with Swarovski crystals.”

In their defense, they’re wealthy and this is their first child. A lot of parents go overboard on the first one, right?

…Conversely, “solid gold rocking horse” may be the most tasteless phrase we’ve ever heard.