I feel a bit bad for Beyonce as of late: she’s faced enormous criticism for her performance at the Inauguration, overshadowing the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show as well as simply angering the masses who have behaved as though even the slightest bit of lip syncing makes a person unpatriotic and an overall terrible person. That said, she’s one of the most wealthy, famous and beloved celebrities in the world, so I don’t actually feel that bad for her but… y’know, I’m looking forward to the Beyonce Super Bowl show. And if only Destiny’s Child would be there, Bey would get all of my sympathy, which I think means I’m almost like a loyal fan or something.

Regardless, she has revealed lots of rehearsal photos lately as well as posting the football photo above and the sexy referee photo the other day. Now, a video showing her team preparing for this Sunday has been released. The clip, entitled “Countdown to Touchdown,” was posted on the singer’s YouTube channel and shows her background dancers hard at work learning and practicing their routine:

While I think that it’s sort of stupid to be upset at pop singers for lip syncing — seriously, so many of them do it, otherwise they would be incredibly out of breath during performances sometimes — I also think it feels a little forced that Beyonce seems to be pushing so hard to regain respect. Doesn’t she realize that this is 2013?; 90% of her fans have serious pop culture ADHD and will be forgetting her little mishap in, oh, five minutes ago. What happened again?

Photo: iam.Beyonce