Beyonce's "Get Going" commercial for Toyota will give you inspirational goosebumps.

Okay, so you know how you always mute car commercials when they come on Hulu because they just have a whole bunch of obnoxious 2011 dubstep in an attempt to be “edgy” while lens flares and sexy models wearing red dresses flicker across the screen? Yeah, Beyonce‘s new commercial for Toyota is not that kind of commercial.

Her new “Get Going” ad for Toyota is pretty much the first auto commercial that ever gave me the best type of goosebumps: that kind of, “Hey, oh my god, you’re right, I should get over all of my holdups and become the President.” In just 30 seconds, an abbreviated tale of Beyonce’s rise to fame is told–and it’s awesome. Instead of simply flashing scenes from her glamorous 2014 life, it shows how she got to where she is now: an inspirational, feminist superstar whom we can all look up to in some way (or at least dance to when we’re sad–I know you all do it).

I realize people will probably find it irritating that Beyonce is in a car commercial (though she and every other ultra-famous entertainer have been in dozens of them). Blah blah role model blah blah, right? Well, I for one am just happy that advertising things typically seen as “men’s products” like cars–despite women making 68 percent of new car purchasing decisions–being marketed in a positive manner towards females. Advertisers know women like Beyonce are seen as powerful and empowering; they’re finally coming around to the fact that females exist and are not just biding our time, waiting ’til our husbands come home to determine which car we should buy.

Anyway, we are once again in full-Knowles mode. Here’s hoping that next, we’ll see Solange star alongside Beyonce in some incredible musical extravaganza that eventually turns into its own channel.

Check the “Get Going” ad out for yourself:

BEYONCÉ – GET GOING / TOYOTA by beyoncediario