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Who doesn’t love pink?

Full confession: I still have a childhood throw pillow that reads “pink is more than a color, it’s an attitude.” I kept this pillow in part because, as a teenager, I thought that its slang associations were hilarious. As a kid, I just liked the color pink. Probably, to this day, if people offered me pens in a variety of colors, I’d likely choose the pink one. I feel like that color and I have just been friends for a long time.

So why is this Bic for Her ad, in which a woman selects a pink pen, so offensive?


I mean, for every reason. For the implication that women have been previously unable to write.

Jamie already tackled some of the responses, so you can look at them and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

However, there is a history of branding normal objects pink – you can see a great post on the topic on Collector’s Weekly – and I’m certainly not offended by the color pink. But I am offended when companies marketing products seem to believe that you have a smaller range of interests than men, or should pay more for identical products. To that end lets look at some of the most ridiculous ones that are “for you.”

Pic via Polyvore