Remember all the fun we had mocking Bic’s specially designed pens for women? Many people were very creative in spinning elaborate “customer reviews” designed to reveal the ridiculousness of having a gendered pen, and everyone laughed, and I figured Bic chalked it up as a lesson in branding and moved on. But apparently they didn’t, because they’re still running ads like the above one highlighting just how much they’re contributing to women’s literacy by producing a writing implement sufficiently pink and delicate for a girl to use. How nice/subversive of them!

As you can see, the ad, wherein a teenage girl rejects all but the girliest of pens (presumably because the darker colors would depress her to the point of distraction) is so embarrassing that I assumed at first that someone had decided to extend the satirical reviews into a high-quality Youtube video. But click on the username, and you will see that it’s legit; it was posted by the official Bic Youtube presence. Not to be dissuaded, Bic’s fans jumped on this as an excellent opportunity to leave even more customer feedback. Writes one Youtube commenter:

Dear BIC, I would like to address some of my concerns with your other available writing materials. After viewing this ad, I realized I have been using mechanical pencils clearly intended for a man. Their barrels are black, and the handles are threatening colors such as a bold red that made my hand shake with fear. True, there are pink ones as well, but they come packed with oranges, blues, and greens– distressing! What am I, a barbarian? Signed, Please Fire Your Horrible Marketing Department


(Via Buzzfeed Shift)