Remember last week when The Biebs got caught throwing water balloons at police cars? Yes…yes, of course you do. Well, some child psychiatrists speculated that El Justino may have been acting out to let the world know that he’s still just a kid, and not necessarily ready for international fame.

And so, as if to drive the point home further, he recently took to the back of a Honda and locked lips with Jasmine Villegas, who is apparently the opening act on his tour.

Ah, teenage hormones! They can’t be contained, no matter how famous you are, and no matter how easy it would be for you to rent a hotel room and get some privacy. Cause you’re Justin Bieber. But I guess even when you’re the biggest superstar on the planet, The Risk of Getting Caught is just as thrilling.

Still, why not do it in a Bentley? Hasn’t Usher taught you anything, Biebs?

[Image via TMZ]