Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Dahlings, she wasn’t even in the original contest, but I do believe we have a winner in the Battle of the Boob Dress. None other than Ms. Tara Reid.

Clearly, Tara smokes both Jenny Mc Carthy, and particularly Pamela Anderson. Girl is doing The Boob Dress right. Go Tara.

After claims of botched up plastic surgery, it appears as though Tara’s ta-tas have been fixed and fixed well. Of course, The Girls are not the only stars here. The dress itself is absolutely gorgeous. The detail, the train, the color – all utterly and completely fab.

And so thusfore, my dahlings, Tara officially swoops in to win the Snarkstress Seal of Approval for Boob Dress Done Best. Bravo! We should all take note for the next time an opportunity to wear a Boob Dress presents itself. Like to church tomorrow or something.


Image used with permission from splashnewsonline.com