The Oscars. What a wondrous Hollywood event. The epitome of Hollywood glamour and fashion…usually.

For several years, we saw some pretty scary frocks sashaying down the Red Carpet, but this year, I am thrilled to say, was a fabulous return to glamour. Many, many starlets rocked the RC with some of the most beautiful dresses in years (hello Penelope, Angelina, SJP et al).



Image: Bauer Griffin

Of course, where there is fab fashion, there is also freaky fashion. Case in point: Jessica Biel.

Just what in the hell was Jess thinking here? What in the world is that appendage hanging off her gown? It’s like there is some bizarro bib type situation going on. Or maybe just a stray hunk of fabric that somehow worked its way out of hiding? I dunno, but if she did this on purpose, it’s just plain wrong.

Jessica was definitely The Snarkstress’ top pick for a fashion flub. Who was yours? Let us know who you loved/hated at this year’s Academy Awards so we can all Yay or Nay right along with you.