Oreo is in trouble for supporting gay rights. The company posted this image on its Facebook page along with the message, “Proudly support love!” As much as corporate entities supporting anything for Facebook likes give us eyerolls, we must say, the move resulted in one of the most thrillingly ridiculous comment threads we’ve ever read.

Yes, the message of equality infuriated a ton of people. Lucky for us, they were exactly the kinds of people who can get infuriated by a gay cookie:

Desean Washington: “This is absolutely disgusting. Your attempt to “normalize” the behaviour of homosexuals has cost you a customer.”

Amy Niccum: “I ate a lot of Oreos last winter but that will be my last. What they do is there business but quit trying to make it seem normal – It is not!”

Jeanette Davis Gayhart: “the Bible says Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes God. Since God cannot lie then where does that leave us? Love the person, hate the sin. God loves you not your sin and He will notleave you the way He finds you. Oreos will not be on my shopping list any longer.”

Kathy Snyder: “You are not supporting love, you are validating a lustful behavior.”

Jason Curtis: “Sorry, I cannot support a choice that God does not approve of.”

Lance Bishop: “I have seen some vicious attacks of Christians on here. I am undecided on religion but leaning toward Christianity. I don’t hate anyone. I do believe homosexual sex acts and lusting are wrong. I also believe adultury and lying are wrong. I am guilty of sin on a regular basis. I do not judge others, but it is ridiculous that I am considered a biggot by some of you because I have this belief. I do not judge my homosexual friends, and they respect my belief. They know I gamble too much, but they do not judge me. COEXIST does not mean we have to agree on everything! If Oreo wants to support a lifestyle that I find sinful, that is their right. I won’t spend my money on Nabisco products any longer, but this does not make me a hater.”

Ricky Huff: “No i was never gay i will never be gay an im not a pig! I am a christian an will always hate homos all ways have an all ways will an what hitler tried to do was wrongtrying to call all jews an gays that is wrong an what god will do will be for right” [Ed. Note: Has to be a troll, right?]


(Facebook via Mashable)