hate justin bieber billboard music awards

Last night, the Billboard Music Awards were filled with many things: bad cutouts, adults dressed like preteens, uncomfortably painful musical performances gone wrong (not posting Miguel‘s stage dive here because it makes me cringe too much, but please, look it up). But the show was also filled with GIF-worthy moments that were amazing and a half. Why? Because these precious, lovely seconds, immortalized by the elephant Internet, reveal just how much even the stars who we would assume love Justin Bieber actually can’t stand him, possibly even less than we can.

When Miley Cyrus, noted obnoxious perma-teen, announced the award for Top Male Artist, her antipathy for the winner was the best accessory to be paired with that sparkly harlequin jumpsuit thing.

miley cyrus hate justin bieber

And when Taylor Swift, fellow noted perma-teen who annoys at least half the Internet-using country, saw newly-reconciled Bieber and Selena Gomez making out, her instant reaction was one of humorous disgust.

Is it immature to roll your eyes or stick out your tongue when somebody else is around at an awards show? Yes, certainly, though we have all had those moments when holding in our frustration is near-impossible. And when that “somebody else” is Justin Bieber, I assume it is much, much more difficult than with other “somebody elses.”

And these two aren’t the only ones who couldn’t stand one of the only people in the world who felt the need to create a biopic at 17; in fact, the amount of booing when Bieber was presented with the first-ever “Milestone Award” is rather incredible.


Somehow it never occurred to him that perhaps if he removed the sunglasses and stopped insisting everyone take him seriously, more people would take him seriously. Note: there will never be a time in your life when everyone takes you seriously. It is not something that happens. Sorry. (And that sentiment goes for all of us, not just Kid Wonder over there.)

Look Biebs, maybe if you didn’t run around hoping that murdered children would’ve been your fans, abandoning your live pet in foreign countries and being inexplicably shirtless all the time, people would like you better. But until you stop looking like an English bobby going to Coachella, I have a feeling the world will continue strongly disliking you.

justin bieber at the billboard music awards

And no more of this. Nobody likes a 5’7″ alien fetus, man.

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