Would you and your racially diverse group of friends like to regulate your reproductive systems at the same time you consume healthy, low-fat, probiotic yogurt? Look no further than Birth Control On The Bottom, the yogurt that is also a pill.

In this amusing new video from Yahoo Canada (no, really!), a veritable rainbow of strong, beautiful women friends (including Retta from Parks and Recreation!) espouse the many, many benefits of taking your one-a-day the yogurt-y way. And of having one friend of every racial background. These are the things that women love the most.

My favorite lines:

“I talked to my brown friends over a light dinner of sugar-free pesto, but none of us were able to get down to our birthweight.”

“If your doctor is a woman, talk to her about everything!

…Talk to her about orchids and milk.”

And just in case that wasn’t good enough, there’s Weird Al at the end to add a dose of testosterone to the proceedings.

Between this and James Franco‘s beautiful beat poem, Yahoo!’s video output has been surprisingly delightful lately.

(Via Yahoo!)