Back in October, Blake Lively hit the red carpet in a very cute little black dress from Victoria Beckham‘s fashion line.

Featuring long sleeves, a short skirt, and very nice detailing at the waist, Blake looked gorgeous. Also, I can’t get over how incredible her legs are. That’s new year’s resolution motivation right there, believe me!

However, does Blake look better than Victoria in Victoria’s own dress? Let’s find out…

Victoria later wore her same dress in December, which I think is good advertising for your own line. I figure if a celebrity won’t wear the clothes she designs there’s something wrong.


Looking at Victoria in the same dress (and of her own design!) I can definitely say that she looks great in it. It’s tailored to her style and obviously she can have it made to fit her exact size so there’s no problems with anything being a bit too big or a smidgen too small.

But who looks best?

I think I prefer the dress on Blake. While both are as slim as we’ve all come to expect in Hollywood, Blake has a couple more curves and more tone whereas I find that Victoria is a bit too much on the skinny side to look quite as amazing in such a tiny little fitted dress.

So final verdict – they both look good but Blake definitely has the edge.

What’s your opinion? Who wore it best – Blake Lively or Victoria Beckham?

Image: Splash News Online