If you, like me, watched the video for Robin Thicke‘s vaguely rapey adult contemporary hit “Blurred Lines” and found it a pathetic attempt at masking real misogyny with a thin veneer of “ironic misogyny,” you’ll be happy to know that a group of female law students in Auckland, New Zealand made a feminist parody that hits it where it hurts. Titled “Defined Lines” (as in “gender roles are rigidly defined things,” I guess), the video features fully clothed women coolly crooning (and rapping!) satirical lyrics while scantily clad men take a turn acting as barely human objects. Awesome!

[youtube_iframe id=”GOoZgEWKBfU”]

Who says feminists can’t be funny? I especially enjoy the lyrics in the rap part:

“So tonight we ignite our civil rights/resist chauvinism, win the fight/

cause you’re livin’ life just like a montage/of you and your friends actin’ out Entourage


Unfortunately, it was a little too real for Youtube and the site pulled it down, citing it as “inappropriate,” despite the fact that the original version was basically the same thing, only totally fucktarded, and remains up on Youtube unmolested.

Speaking to, co-creator Olivia Lubbock called this out as bullshit:

“It’s been flagged by users as inappropriate because of sexual content and stuff like that. My opinion is people don’t like the message behind it. It was meant to be a comedic sketch and the fact it’s been taken down is a massive double standard.”

Perhaps realizing they made a mistake, Youtube has since reinstated the video, albeit with an age restriction stamp. Hence, the wonderfully embeddable video you see above. Still, the question remains: if kids can see the original version, which espouses all sorts of deplorable sexist shit (albeit more subtly), shouldn’t they be able to watch the antidote as well? Ponder this question as you watch this masterpiece over and over.

(Via Jezebel)