We here at The Gloss like to make fun of the absurd way things are marketed to women. Yogurt, wedding fever, and blue alien periods are all conceits whose silliness is ripe for mockery. But you also have to do it right, or you end up sounding just as stupid as the very things you are trying to make fun of.

A recent post on the Facebook page of feminine hygiene company Bodyform went viral with the following witty observation:

Whatever points he earned with his attempt at satire went right out the window with his description of menstruating women, no?

Anyway, the company responded with a video (above) apologizing for making him believe false things about periods, but assuring him that it was ALL MEN’S FAULT that it had to come to this. Time and again, market testing has shown that men can’t handle seeing the harsh realities of periods splayed across their TV screens while they’re trying to watch How I Met Your Mother. The poor dears.

My favorite part is when she drinks the blue liquid.

(Via Gawker)