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“What are you reading right now?” is an odd question for a beauty blog, because on the face of it what you and I are reading right now is this blog post. But The Gloss readers tend to be an intellectual crew, so I’m sure you all have some very engaging works of literature in the backs of your minds right now. I am just about finished with my current reads, so I figure for my next purchase I should ask you guys what you’re reading right now.

I actually have two books I’m reading at the moment, and I’ll finish both of them any moment now (depending on what catches my interest on the Internet in the next couple hours). First, I have been reading The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton. I love it, but I love Edith Wharton in general. I am a sucker for beautiful descriptions of stately homes and wheedling, materialistic social climbers. (I also adore books with an unlikable protagonist, and The Custom of the Country‘s Undine Spragg is pretty darn unlikable.)

I have also been reading It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History, by former Gloss editor Jennifer Wright. It is wonderful and dishy and historical, and if you are a longtime reader of The Gloss who has been missing the Shelved Dolls series–as I am–you should definitely check it out. And Edith Wharton is in it, too, for sending her ex over 300 letters, which will probably make that drunken text you sent seem pretty innocent by comparison.

I love books. All books. Fiction, nonfiction, academic, popular, literary, airport romance, young adult, sexy vampires, etc. But assuming that I do not get distracted this afternoon with videos of dancing blue-footed boobies, I will finish both of these soon and need something else.

What are you reading right now?