Here’s a little schadenfreude for your Tuesday afternoon. Looks like one Angelina Jolie, ambassador to the world, lover of African children, more highly evolved than you or I, has managed to piss off Bosnian rape victims — the very subjects of her new film.

Jolie is currently in the process of directing and producing a movie that she wrote, which is set in war-torn Bosnia in the mid-1990’s. Word got out that the film was based on a romance that blossoms between a Muslim woman and her Serbian rapist, which Jolie denied, but not before the rumor got some legs in the Bosnian press. According to an LA Times article that ran in October, the president of the group Women Victims of War Assn. in Sarajevo — Bakira Hasecic, who is also a rape survivor — had this to say:

“There is no chance that a [ Bosnian Muslim rape victim] can fall in love with a man from that ethnic group, even if he was not a rapist and camp commander,” Hasecic told The Times on Friday. “If that is what the film says, then we will not allow it.”

In news that came out today, CNN reports that the same group would like to see Jolie stripped of her title of goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, after she offered to meet them in Hungary, where the film is being shot, rather than in Bosnia:

“Crimes were committed here, in Bosnia, and we want to meet her here,” [said] Bakira Hasecic…”We wanted to talk woman to woman. She should have asked after the victims, come (to Bosnia) before the shooting to hear our voice.”


There’s no response from Jolie yet, but back in October she released a statement that seems to suggest that once everyone in Bosnia just sees her artful interpretation of the atrocities they suffered, this will all be forgotten:

“Obviously any dramatic interpretation will always fail those who have had a real experience. This is not a documentary,” she said in a statement. “There are many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters and that will be revealed once the film is released.

Those must be some highly complex twists. I can’t wait.