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By now, you’ve probably heard that the Disney Channel is planning a sequel series to Boy Meets World that will purportedly focus on Cory and Topanga’s daughter. This brings up a lot of questions, like:

Which set of actors who played Topanga’s family will they use? Will they continue to recast and retcon her parents? Remember how they used to be hippies? Then later they got divorced and Topanga stopped believing in love and almost moved to Pittsburgh?

Remember the episode where Shawn dressed up as a girl for the school newspaper and learned a lot about how tough it is to be a girl? As a girl, did that make you feel more understood? Do you think Rider Strong considers himself a feminist?

Did you feel a little strange about how attracted you were to Rider Strong in drag? Don’t. It’s okay. Sexuality is a fluid thing.

Also, how great was Ben Savage’s delivery for the line “My hosiery is bunching” in that episode?

Did the excitement you felt upon hearing the news remind you that it’s been a really long time since you were truly happy?

Did you know that in the late 90s, Rider Strong had a website where he published his own poetry? How much of it did you print out and memorize?

Which was the best theme song? Someone has compiled all of them into one video here. For me it’s a tossup between the one where they all jump in the convertible and the high school one where everyone dumps water on Cory and Topanga.

Remember how Adam Scott played cool-guy bully Griffin Hawkins after Harley disappeared? Did you know he also appeared in an earlier episode as a guy who drops his band equipment off at Cory’s table?

He hasn’t really aged, right? Why does he look the same?

Do you think Griff will have a cool-girl bully daughter who will give Cory and Topanga’s kid a hard time?

Do you think they’ll bring back Linda Cardellini to drum up some mid-season tension about Cory and Topanga’s marriage?

This quote seems appropriate somehow: “Let us roll all our Strength, and all/Our sweetness, up into one Ball/And tear our Pleasures with rough strife/Through the Iron gates of Life/Thus, though we cannot make our Sun/stand still, yet we can make him run.”

Could they find a way to make Peter Gallagher guest star, somehow? I don’t know. I just feel like anything is possible right now.

In high school, Cory and Shawn briefly worked for the mob. Will their underworld connections come back to haunt them?

Given that Cory and Topanga will now have been married for almost thirteen years and have never been with anyone else, how often do you think they still have sex? Once a week? Once a month?

William Daniels is 85. I don’t want to think about this any more than you do, but odds are they’re going to eventually air a Very Special Episode about the death of Feeny. Will you be able to handle that?

Are there any female Savage children who would be able to continue the near-stranglehold that family has on coming-of-age shows?

Did you see Shawn’s dad on that episode of Community? Did you find yourself getting a little choked up to see someone you thought was dead?

How many episodes on the original series centered around time-traveling? At least three, right? There was the time Cory was transported back to the 50s because of a toaster oven and had to prove he wasn’t a communist, the one where Cory lost his memory in World War II, and the one where Topanga stumbled into a noirish 1940s alternate reality right before the series finale. Were there any others?

Mr. Turner died, right? He died.

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