Today, we found out that 1) Playboy is sometimes printed in Braille, and 2) a scanned copy of one of the Braille mags now exists at the Internet Archive, a nonprofit whose mission is to build a vast internet library.

So, this begs two fairly obvious questions: how can Playboy‘s most famous assets be viewed, or felt, in Braille? And more importantly, how can Braille be read over the internet?

Well, exactly. To those points, the scanned copy of the magazine can’t be read by the blind, because it can’t be felt online, and it doesn’t contain pictures of either the visual or tactile variety.

But Jason Scott, who came by a copy of the Braille magazine through a friend and took it to be scanned, says that the scan has value anyway. And simply by being interested in his story, we proved him right. About the online version of the magazine, he has this to say:

Now, I will be the very first to admit – the result is pretty silly. You’ve got something that needs to be read by touching it, which can’t be touched, and the two-sided indentations on the paper means it all looks pretty darn strange. So on one hand, it all can seem pretty useless.

But what can we learn by clicking on the link? Well, we find out that this sort of thing exists at all, and why, and what it looks like, and how Braille can be printed on both sides, and that it would take four copies to produce the text of a single issue… and that apparently, there’s no centerfold.

Imagine that! Something being important just for the sake of knowledge. That’s almost as radical an idea as a Braille Playboy.

[via Chicagoist]