Being a celebrity is hard. You do not get to take a shit in privacy, there’s a creepy amount of sexual attention (seriously, check the analytics for any celebrity + “feet”) and it’s hard to tell when someone is fucking with you. This is not something you want to be wrong about either, as you could offend an entire country, ensuring your summer blockbuster will do horrendously there.

Brazilian reality show contestant turned entertainment reporter Sabrina Sato took advantage of this fact recently when interviewing American superstar Justin Timberlake, who is currently doing a massive junket to promote his thriller Runner Runner (or Aposta Maxima, as it is called in South America). I’d never heard of Sato before, but I have to say she was hilarious here, interviewing JT in broken English and pretending to be super nervous. The coup de grace, though (or should I say culo de grace?) was when she gave Justin a gift “somebody” told her he “might appreciate,” and it turned out to be a plastic mold of her butt. Guess England isn’t the only place they do this! “This is your butt?” he asks. Yes indeedy.

If he learned anything from his legendary appearance on Punk’d, it’s probably clear to Justin by now that she’s having a bit of fun with him, but he still plays along, saying “it’s great, you even autographed it…that’s very nice.” Far be it from me to tell JT what to do, but perhaps he might consider giving Ms. Sato an on-camera hosting job at the New Myspace? Comedic chops like this cannot be ignored.

[youtube_iframe id=”b69mnhVQJ3k”]

(Via HuffPost)